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Gaspo's Famous Seasoning - 8oz Bottle

Gaspo's Famous Seasoning - 8oz Bottle

$ 10.00

Gaspo’s Famous Seasoning is the brainchild of Gaspo Dixon. He has been making his famous seasoning for family and friends for many years and after several requests has decided to make it available to everyone. Gaspo’s Famous Seasoning is the perfect seasoning to spice up all of your cooking from burgers, poultry, fish, pork, eggs, pizza…you get the idea.

     For all of you out there who think you just can’t cook, we here at Gaspo’s Famous Seasoning have something to tell you…” Yes, you can!” You just haven’t had access to the necessary ingredients to properly express yourself in the kitchen or on the grill.  Don’t worry, that’s an easy fix and we will help you. It all starts with adding Gaspo’s Famous Seasoning to your spice cabinet. When you add the bold and savory spices contained in Gaspo’s Famous Seasoning to any dish it will add mouthwatering flavor where blandness once existed. Your friends will be coming back for seconds. Give us a try!

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