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Rod ArmorZ Rod Sleeves

Rod ArmorZ™ was originally created for individuals who have a love for fishing and want a better way of keeping their rods in tacked and organized.

Rod ArmorZ™ has been designed to eliminate the tangling of your fishing rod while keeping them protected inside and outside your boat.

Rod ArmorZ™ is the solution to protect your rod and fishing line with lures from damage in your truck or rod locker.

Rod ArmorZ™ are made from a high quality of material and proudly hand crafted in the United States of America.  We take pride in each and every product made.

Rod ArmorZ™ is available in various sizes, assortment of solid colors and designs.

Our Rod ArmorZ sleeves are crafted for Casting Rods equipped with regular size guides up to 1 1/4" in Diameter. NOTE: consider the type of lure you are using on the rod to be covered.  If using longer lure (ie crankbaits, jerkbaits) you may have to purchase the shorter size.

**Select size according to your actual rod size, ie 6.6 sleeve fits a 6'-6" ft rod.
(Sleeve sizes are NOT the actual length of the Rod)