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Balsax Fishing Line

BALSAX was founded in 1980 as a company producing balsa floats. After several years of operation the company started to produce fishing lines and lead shot. Since 1996 it has also been active in the gardening industry, distributing lines for grass cutting. 

From the very beginning of its existence BALSAX stands by developing its own brand. At present it has several dozen trade marks, registered worldwide. For BALSAX customers spread all over the world it guarantees safety and comfort of operating on their own markets. 

The focus on manufacturing two basic products, i.e. floats and lines, enables the company to undertake in-depth work on its subsequent new products and to control continuously the quality of manufactured products. Searching for still better raw materials and components used in production is of primary importance. All products are manufactured at the company`s seat and the elements indispensable for their production are of European origin. Therefore, BALSAX, being one among few manufacturers, can mark its products as Made in Europe. Such organisation of manufacturing is charactorised by the highest quality, and the support and service represent a world-class high level.
As a result of adopting the above strategy the company manufactures the highest quality products for the lowest prices. Owing to this, it can get into such diversified markets as the countries of Europe, Russia, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. At home the company has it own distribution network satisfying the demands of the local market. 

The company employs 70 people and the well qualified staff takes care about its proper functioning, putting particular emphasis on the quality control of manufactured products and the quality of provided service. 

BALSAX actively supports the development of domestic angling, sponsoring angling competitions organised by the Polish Angling Association.
BALSAX is a member of international trade organisations: EFTTA and ASA. Each year it takes part in international fairs and exhibitions organised in Europe and the USA.