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AIRrus Rods Ultra X

In 2015, Airrus started developing some prototypes based on a new type of pre-preg with unusual characteristics. The tests showed surprising results in terms of blank lightness , torsional and compression resistance. The efficiency of this new type of material is based on its polyacrylonitrile resin that optimize the carbon fiber features. Airrus named it "Magma Polymer Technology" and it was applied on the Ultra-X Series. The Ultra-X series is based on one-piece rods that features Oversized Multimodular blanks, designed to have minimal deformation on the lower section, between the reel seat and the first guide. This concept limits the energy dispersion during the hook setting, reduces significantly the tip bounce after the cast, increasing the casting distance and precision. The central part of the blanks and the tips have different actions, the curve reacts to the amount of strenght, stiffening as the strength increases, making the rod extremely capable of dragging the fish without losing cast capabilities. The reel seat features a Nylon/Graphits construction and a passing, fuly exposed blank with a custom design hood, developed to maximize the sensitivity, thanks to the direct contact of the hand with the carbon fiber and the aluminum. The splitted design of the handle was redesigned and improved, reducing its overall weight. The guide scheme is a hybrid system of SiC Seaguide Anti-Tangle guides with high thermal dispersion and inox frames. The small sizes and the amount of guides allow a perfect precision in the lure presentation and an increased sensitivity: the increased contact surface of the additional guides increase the vibration transmission and are not comparable to a traditional spacing. The Airrus Ultra-X features an extensive series of models designed for bass fishing and lure fishing.